Best Drugstore Lipsticks


If there was one brand in the drugstore that I keep getting lucky with, it’s Maybelline.  Whether it is their Fit Me Matte+Poreless foundation, their Fit Me concealer, their Age Rewind concealer, their Lash Sensational mascaras (the one in the pink tube as well the black tube)..just to name a few.. all these products happened to be my holy grail items.

Maybelline also happened to have the best lipstick formulas/colors, in my opinion.


If you are into the matte lips trend, as much as I am, you will not find anything more comfortable and hydrating than these.  You get the best of both worlds: the matte look without the dry lips.

There are currently 7 colors I am obsessed with, and 10 more I am eyeing and will probably purchase the next time I get a chance.

  1. From the Bold/Audacious collection, you have to check out Fiery Fuchsia:


2. From their Matte collection, check Siren in Scarlet:


3. From their Matte collection, daringly nude is one of my favorites:


4. Touch of Spice is another one from the Matte collection:


5. Stormy Sahara is a beautiful warm nude that is not too light:


6. Bushing Beige is the palest color from their collection.  I love it to tone down my natural lip color


7. When I heard that Born With It from the color sensational line is a dupe for Tom Ford lipstick in Blush Nude, I had to get it. I will be doing a swatch/comparison between these 2 lipsticks soon…


Hopefully these swatches will help you next time you go shopping!


HUDA BEAUTY Textured Shadows Palette


HUDA BEAUTY came out with a limited edition palette in the “Rose Gold Edition”.  Like we are all used to from her, she had to add something new to it.  In this case, it was the textured shadows.  These shadows have a very unique texture to them.  If you ever owned the Stila magnificent metals shadows, you would have a good idea of how these feel.  6/18 shadows are textured, the rest are mostly matte with a couple of shimmery ones and one duo chrome (Angelic which is a pink that breaks gold).

Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette – Rose Gold Edition

Here are some swatches in regular light vs. flash:


Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Swatches
Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Swatches


In this look, I used Bae to set my eye primer, Sandalwood and Henna for my transition color, Maneater to add more warmth in my look, Boss and Coco in my outer V,  and of course…Rose Gold for my lid color. The eyelashes I am wearing are the Samantha lashes, also by Huda Beauty.


Now let’s talk about some pros and cons of this palette:


  • Beautiful colors
  • Insanely pigmented textured shadows, when applied with your fingers
  • versatile
  • light weight and perfect for traveling


  • very light cardboard packaging for the price you are paying
  • the matte colors, although beautiful, are a little chalky and not very pigmented when you apply them to the eyes…unlike swatching them on the hand.
  • it is $83

I hope this review helped you if you were eyeing this palette 🙂 Have a lovely day and until next post…



There has been a lot of hype around this new release from Urban Decay so I thought I would give it a try….

I love Urban Decay as a brand and own so many products from them that I use on a daily basis such as their Naked Skin concealer, their new Vice Lipsticks and their setting sprays.  And let’s not forget their eyeshadows which are one of the best.

This is a full-coverage, waterproof, matte foundation that lasts all night.  Sounds like a winner to me…specially for events. The packaging is amazing, the range of colors is amazing, the fact that it comes with a pump is amazing.  I chose the shade 3.0 which is a light yellow shade.  The price for this foundation is $49.

While this product claims to give a flawless finish, I disagree.

I really tried to love this product.  I tried exfoliating my skin before, and really moisturizing my skin.  I have normal/combination skin.

Sadly, it had a really cakey, powdery finish. So I tried mixing it with oil. As soon as the oil touched the foundation, it oxidized and turned completely orange.

Let’s see a close-up of my skin after only 4 hours of wear under different lighting.

  1. In Natural Lighting:

You can see it cracking around my mouth, It emphasized my texture and  you can still see the acne scars on my cheeks.

Urban Decay All Nighter foundation in Natural Light


2. Flash Photography:

I look like I put white powder all over my face. (P.s.  I did not set this foundation).

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation with Flash Photography


3. Indoor lighting:

It looks really cakey and it actually gave me wrinkles around my eyes and my mouth.  Let’s just say, it felt good to take this off.


As much as I wanted to like this foundation, it is going back to the store.  I will exchange it with the NARS All Day luminous Weightless Foundation.  I will be doing a review on that one once I test it out.

August 2016 Ipsy Bag


I haven’t shared my Ipsy bags for the past few months but thought I would share this one. First, how dreamy is this makeup bag?  I love it and of course, you can’t have too many makeup bags…


Let’s begin:

  1. NYX Born To Glow liquid illuminator in the color “Gleam” (7.50 USD):


The thing with liquid illuminators is that you can use them in many different ways.  You can use them as a primer, mix them with your foundation, as a base for your highlight or just use it as a highlighter on its own.  The difference between a powder highlighter and a liquid one is obviously the finish.  A powder highlighter will give you an unnatural looking highlight… which I love.  By unnatural I mean that people can tell you have a glowy product on your face.  A liquid one will just give you a nice dewy wet looking “natural” glow.  This rose gold highlighter is beautiful and will suit so many different skin tones because it has pink and gold undertones. The full size is 7.50 USD for 18 ml.  This deluxe sample is 13 ml.

Nyx liquid illuminator in GLEAM


2. LORD&BERRY Lip Color in Intimacy (20 USD):

This is a rosy pink lip color that glides on the lips.  It is a matte color that doesn’t dry out the lips and lasts a really long time.  It does have some transfer to it but not too much.


3. PETER LAMAS supreme radiance complexion booster  (44 USD):

That is a pretty long name for a primer.  It is probably the most smoothing primer I own.  However, I am not a fan of silicone based primers.  I am also not sure why it is so dark.  It is going to darken you a little if you are fair. It also claims to have light reflecting properties that brighten but I have not noticed this to be honest.  It has Retinol and Salicylic acid which help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  The full size has 30 ml of product and costs 44 USD.  This deluxe sample is 10 ml.

As you can see in the picture below, once I blended it, it did darken my hands just a little bit but my pores have instantly disappeared.


4. Beauty For Real 24-7 eyeliner in Black Magic (14 USD):

Have you seen anything more black? I personally haven’t.  It is blendable for up to 10 seconds and then it will set and not budge.

Beauty For Real 24-7 eyeliner in Black Magic

5. 111SKIN Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask (20 USD):

It is a very moisturizing sheet mask that brightens skin tone, increases circulation and stimulates collagen production.  But…20 USD for a single use sheet mask? !  For best results, they recommend using it 3x a week.


Alright, that is all for now! xo

Spring 2016 Favorites



So let’s begin with the most exciting release:

1. The ABH Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette:
If you own any of Anastasia’s previous limited addition palettes, you would know that this one is definitely a must have.  Her World’s travelers palette was my favorite one, until this came out.  I will just let the swatches speak for themselves:




Here is a simple eye look I created with this palette:

2. Becca Champagne Collection Face Palette:
If you like a subtle glow, then stay away from this palette.  The 2 highlighters in this palette mixed together are very beautiful and very pigmented.  I also mixed all 3 blushes together….because why not?

3. ABH liquid lipsticks:
If you use a lip primer before, these lipsticks are really nice and last all day without drying your lips.  My top 3 are these ones (Carina, Naked, Milkshake):



In my Becca face palette picture, I have ABH milkshake and naked mixed together.  Here is Carina:


4. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector:
These highlighters are what will make you look dewy and almost wet versus shiny.  They are more natural and more youthful.  My top 2 are moonstone and Champagne glow (the bottom one is moonstone and the top one is champagne glow):

5. Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer:  Beautiful color, beautiful consistency, blends really well and gives me a really nice bronze glow.  LOVE IT!


6. What else have I been loving? 

Smashbox Primer oil, Nars sheer glow foundation, and Too faced Born This way Concealer:  Try this combination, you will not regret it.  It will give you a very natural and radiant looking skin, but flawless at the same time…

What are some of your favorite products lately? Let me know in the comments..there have been so many awesome releases lately!



I didn’t write a blog post about my March Ipsy bag because I was really disappointed with the items.  This month totally made up for it.  So let’s get into this bag:

1. Tarte Lip Surge in Wonder:  This glided on like a dream and it was really pigmented.  I just might start wearing brighter colors (something other than red) thanks to this one.  I am in love with it.  This is a deluxe sample but the full size retails for 29 USD.


2. CITY COLOR Highlight Trio:  I didn’t expect much out of this highlighter but it totally caught me off guard.  If you don’t like a strong glow, stay away from this one.  I just mixed all 3 colors and put them on my cheekbones and above my eyebrows… (8.99 USD)

3.LUXIE 522 Tapered highlighter brush:  love the shape, love the density and love the softness of this brush.  Amazing quality. (24 USD)

Luxie 522




4. Jor’el Parker Fango Mud Therapy: This is a green mask that you leave on your face for 5 minutes.  It claims to do all of the following:
.protects skin from environmental damage
. rejuvenates skin with anti-aging green tea antioxidants
.intensely moisturizes with a blend of sweet almond and avocado oils
.minimizes pores, reduces lines and deep cleanses
.exfoliates with volcanic ash minerals
.decreases dark circles and reverses sun damage.
.there are more claims but you get the idea… I mean…are you not sold yet?
This is a deluxe sample but the full size of this retails for 27USD

Jor’el Parker Fango Mud Therapy

5. Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask: Another mask that you leave on your face for 5-10 minutes but this one has small beads in it.  This is a deluxe sample but the full size retails for 49USD.


I hope you enjoyed reading this one.  If you have any questions or comments let me know!

Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Review


I have never been excited about a new launch as much as I was about this one.  Tarte cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup brands,  turquoise is my favorite color and I love the theme.  Oh man…this was the most beautiful collection I have seen.  I got the Water Foundation, the Aquacealer, and the Marine Boosting Mist.  As you can see in this picture, my skin looks even and radiant thanks to these products.


1. Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation ($47.00):


It comes in a dropper form, which I don’t mind.  It can get a little messy if you’re not too careful.  You need to shake it well  before you apply it and surprisingly, it is a full coverage foundation…something I didn’t expect.  It blends beautifully covering all redness and discoloration and has a very good lasting power.  It does not cling to dry patches, does not sink into pores and looks like beautiful skin.  The best part is how lightweight it is.  I feel like I have absolutely nothing on my skin.  It also contains an spf of 15.  It really has everything I am looking for in a foundation.  It is definitely my current favorite.

2. Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer ($31.00):


This also needs to be shaken well.  It’s a liquid formula and once you set it, it does not crease and does not sink into fine lines.  The coverage, however, is not the best.  If you have really dark under eyes, it will not completely conceal it.  You will have to color correct first.   I like the applicator but I feel like it will be very hard to get all the product out of this glass container…I really do think that a lot of product will go to waste.

3. Rainforest of the Sea Marine Boosting Mist ($30.00):


This is a four in one mist: primes, sets, hydrates, and refreshes.  If you come across this collection, please spray it on your face and smell the goodness that comes out of this spray.  It is a spa in a bottle.  It will make you feel so refreshed and relaxed.