There has been a lot of hype around this new release from Urban Decay so I thought I would give it a try….

I love Urban Decay as a brand and own so many products from them that I use on a daily basis such as their Naked Skin concealer, their new Vice Lipsticks and their setting sprays.  And let’s not forget their eyeshadows which are one of the best.

This is a full-coverage, waterproof, matte foundation that lasts all night.  Sounds like a winner to me…specially for events. The packaging is amazing, the range of colors is amazing, the fact that it comes with a pump is amazing.  I chose the shade 3.0 which is a light yellow shade.  The price for this foundation is $49.

While this product claims to give a flawless finish, I disagree.

I really tried to love this product.  I tried exfoliating my skin before, and really moisturizing my skin.  I have normal/combination skin.

Sadly, it had a really cakey, powdery finish. So I tried mixing it with oil. As soon as the oil touched the foundation, it oxidized and turned completely orange.

Let’s see a close-up of my skin after only 4 hours of wear under different lighting.

  1. In Natural Lighting:

You can see it cracking around my mouth, It emphasized my texture and  you can still see the acne scars on my cheeks.

Urban Decay All Nighter foundation in Natural Light


2. Flash Photography:

I look like I put white powder all over my face. (P.s.  I did not set this foundation).

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation with Flash Photography


3. Indoor lighting:

It looks really cakey and it actually gave me wrinkles around my eyes and my mouth.  Let’s just say, it felt good to take this off.


As much as I wanted to like this foundation, it is going back to the store.  I will exchange it with the NARS All Day luminous Weightless Foundation.  I will be doing a review on that one once I test it out.

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