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Ever heard of   m i c r o b l a d i n g? If not, you are about to, and not just from this post. You will start to see it a lot more on social media because this procedure is gaining so much popularity nowadays. This is the new trend.

Microblading – also known as eyebrow embroidery, feathering or semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo – is a procedure that uses a small blade to deposit pigment under the skin.

Unlike a regular eyebrow tattoo, the very fine blade helps create hair like strokes that blend with your own eyebrow hair to make it seem like it is all your natural eyebrows. But because the pigment is not deposited too deeply into the skin, it generally lasts 1-3 years depending on your lifestyle and your exposure to sun and many more factors.

The question that I get asked the most is does it hurt? The first few strokes do sting but after the numbing cream sinks in, you will be much more comfortable.

Healing process:
The healing process takes 10 days. Let me attempt to break it down for you based on my experience:

I didn’t notice much of a difference in how my eyebrows looked in the first 3 days other than the fact that they did get darker on day 2. There was no pain; they didn’t feel sore or uncomfortable unless I made strong facial expressions.  The following picture shows right before and right after the procedure.  The three pictures below that one show the first 3 days of my healing process.  Day 2 is the darkest your eyebrows will be.


This is when I noticed scabbing and itchiness. I still went to work and no one noticed anything. I also went to a bridal shower on day 5.  You would have to be very close to people for them to notice your scabbing. This period is critical because you have to be very careful not to scratch or touch your eyebrows although you will be tempted due to itchiness. I found that tapping my fingers around my eyebrows helped relieve the itchy feeling. Also, be very gently when washing/rinsing your face because if you remove/pick on your scabs, you also remove the strokes. Finally, apply lots of coconut oil because your eyebrows need it in order to heal properly.


Day 5 – some scabbing at the tail of my eyebrows

This is when the pigment fades and settles into the skin. You will notice your eyebrows looking more natural and 1-2 shades lighter then when you first had your session. Since everyone heels differently, a touch-up appointment is necessary to achieve your perfect brows. After my first session, I realized I would like an even fuller brows and Arabella did an amazing job creating exactly what I wanted but with her added professional advice/guidance.  I don’t have pictures from days 7-10 but here is the before and after 4 weeks.  It is definitely more defined and I look like I have more hair but still very natural.

Touch up*
For my touch up, I decided I wanted fuller brows and this is exactly what Arabella did.  This picture shows my eyebrows before my first session and after my touch-up session.

I am going to end with a great picture taken by Arabella to give you an idea of the whole process:


*Microblading was done by the talented Arabella Trasca.  See contact below for  more information:




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