5 Makeup Brushes You Need

NARS Yachiyo Brush


Makeup brushes are just as important as the makeup itself. If you have good makeup products and don’t have the right tools to apply them, you will not be able to get the best out of your products.
For the average girl who wear minimal makeup, I think those 5 makeup brushes are important for flawless makeup application.  Let’s get to it:
1. Fluffy Eye Blending Brush
These brushes are so important to blend out eyeshadow in the crease and to soften hard edges so you get a well blended look. you always want to blend your eyeshadows so your makeup looks more natural and more professional.  Always remember, you don’t want to see hard edges in makeup.  My personal favorites are Mac 224, Sigma E40 and NYX #17.
2. Tapered Blending Brush


These brushes are less fluffy and have less movement then the previous ones.  They are meant to deepen up the crease color and add darker colors in the outer V of your eyes.  My favorites are Mac 217, Sigma E25, and Morphe M433.
3. Angled Brush (liner/brows)
These brushes can be used for multiple things.  you can line your eyes, fill your eyebrows, or even use them in the crease to create the cut crease look.  These are brushes I don’t think you need to spend too much money on.  Unlike the first 2 eye blending brushes that are almost impossible to find at the drugstore.  These ones are found everywhere. the E.l.f. small angled brush is only $3 and is amazing.  It is the one in the middle.
4. all purpose face brush (bronzer/blush/set the face):


Like the title suggests, these brushes do it all, you can bronze you face, apply blush, apply powder foundation…etc.  They shouldn’t be too big so that you can have more precise blush and bronzer application.  I love the Mac 129 and the Real Technique all purpose face brush.
5. Face Tapered Brushes
These brushes are also multipurpose.  Because of the way they taper to a point, they are perfect to set your under eye concealer with powder, to highlight the high points of your face as well as to contour.  The E.l.f. small tapered brush is amazing as well as the Sigma f35.  The one in the middle is the NARS Yachio Brush.  It is an investment but it is my favorite brush of all time.  I love the handle, the bristles and the way it picks up product and applies it.  It is perfection.  I have never loved a brush as much as this one.
P.S. you might wonder why I didn’t add an eye shader brush or a concealer brush or even a foundation brush.  That is because I think your fingers are a very good tool for these specific purposes.  My personal favorite way  to apply foundation and concealer are with a damp beauty blender or just my clean hands.  My fingers are how I apply my lid shadows because they give me the best color payoff.  I hope this post was useful and if you have any questions or requests, please let me know 🙂

5 thoughts on “5 Makeup Brushes You Need

      1. You could try the Elf powder brush, it gives a nice application even with liquid foundation. The other foundation brush I also use for is the buffing brush from real Techniques, I love it. I hope this helps! x

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