Tartelette In Bloom


I bought the new Tartelette in Bloom and I thought that this palette is worth talking about.  To start, this is Tarte’s newest eye shadow palette and it retails for $54.  It’s the more warm toned one which, of course, is why I got it.  It has 12 beautiful warm/neutral shades that are pigmented and easy to blend.  It is very versatile and it allows you to create very natural day looks as well as very smoky night out looks.  The big mirror in the palette is also a huge plus.


I did the following eye look using only this palette for my eyeshadows.  I used Charmer on the brow bone.  I mixed Flower Child and Smarty Pants as a transition shade.  I put Rebel in the crease, and deepened it up with Leader.  On my lid, I used Funny Girl (the one on the bottom left corner).   I really liked how it turned out.





The swatches here go in order of colors from left to right, starting with charmer (the color of my skin, lol) and ending with leader.


If you have this palette, let me know what you think.  Also, if you have any questions or comments about it, I would love to hear from you.  Have a great one!

10 thoughts on “Tartelette In Bloom

  1. Very nice Caro😘

    Can you do blogs covering below topics:

    -Primers types & how to choose the right one for your skin

    -Everyday eye makeup for beginners

    -Blusher mistakes

    -Basic brushs that every girl should have

    That’s it for now☺️


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