All About Primers

They say not to prime is a crime, whether you agree or not, there are many benefits of using a face primer before applying your foundation.  It can fill your pores and fine lines so your foundation goes on smoother and doesn’t sink into them.  It can add some extra hydration to your skin so your foundation doesn’t cling to dry patches.  It can also help control your oil so your foundation doesn’t slip and slide and turn into a hot mess.   As you can guess, different primers have different purposes.


This topic can get a little overwhelming so to make things easier, I am going to generalize the primers and focus on three specific categories.

  1. Hydrating Primers:
Hydrating Face Primers

These type of primers are meant for people with dry skin.  Applying it before your foundation will add some extra hydration to  your skin (on top of your moisturizer) which will allow your foundation go on more evenly and not look dry and flakey.  My favorite one is the Make Up Forever Step 1 Hydrating primer.   I also love the L’Oreal Magic Lumi primer.  If you have extremely dry skin, mixing a drop or two of oil with your foundation (if it is not a very dewy foundation already) will make a huge difference as well.  These primers will most likely say that they are for normal to dry skin and have the words: hydrating, luminous, radiant…etc.  A hydrating primer that has awesome reviews and I am planning on trying out is the Two Faced HangoveRx primer.  If you own this one, let me know what you think!


2. Mattifying Primers:

Mattifying Face Primers

These primers will create a barrier between your skin and your foundation. They do a good job controlling oil and preventing them from breaking down your foundation so your makeup looks fresh for much longer.  These primers will probably say that they are made for combination to oily skin and have the words mattifying, oil controlling, oil free…etc.  My favorite is the Laura Mercier oil free primer.  I tend to use that one in the summer only.

3.Smoothing primers:

Smoothing Face Primers


These are the silicone based primers.  You will definitely be able to recognize them right away as soon as you feel them.  They are thicker and have a slippery feel to them.  They are great, if you use only a little amount, on your problem areas.  Otherwise, it becomes too slippery and it will do the opposite to your foundation, making it slide off your face much quicker.  I use a very tiny amount (quarter of a pea size) on my visible pores and textured areas (generally on my cheeks/nose).  My favorite one is the Benefit Porefessional.

So what should you use?

In my opinion, you should have a smoothing primer and either a hydrating or a mattifying primer – depending on skin type – in your collection.  For example, if you have dry skin, try applying a hydrating primer all over your face and a very tiny amount of the smoothing primer  on fine lines and bumps or textures.  If you have oily skin, try a mattifying primer all over your T-Zone and the smoothing one over your large pores (usually on the cheeks).  Don’t get me wrong, you definitely do not need to use 2 primers on an everyday basis.  In fact, you do not even need to prime your face with a primer. A well moisturized face is a perfect base for foundation.  But on those special events when you want your makeup to last all day, you might benefit from using 2 primers strategically.



Tartelette In Bloom


I bought the new Tartelette in Bloom and I thought that this palette is worth talking about.  To start, this is Tarte’s newest eye shadow palette and it retails for $54.  It’s the more warm toned one which, of course, is why I got it.  It has 12 beautiful warm/neutral shades that are pigmented and easy to blend.  It is very versatile and it allows you to create very natural day looks as well as very smoky night out looks.  The big mirror in the palette is also a huge plus.


I did the following eye look using only this palette for my eyeshadows.  I used Charmer on the brow bone.  I mixed Flower Child and Smarty Pants as a transition shade.  I put Rebel in the crease, and deepened it up with Leader.  On my lid, I used Funny Girl (the one on the bottom left corner).   I really liked how it turned out.





The swatches here go in order of colors from left to right, starting with charmer (the color of my skin, lol) and ending with leader.


If you have this palette, let me know what you think.  Also, if you have any questions or comments about it, I would love to hear from you.  Have a great one!

Top Red Lipsticks

Hello again!

For today’s post, I thought I should share my favorite red lipsticks because… why not?

1. Mac Ruby Woo lipstick (Retro Matte)

If you are not too familiar, there are 3 main types of red lipsticks.  Reds with blue undertones, reds with orange undertones and finally, a true red with a balance of both of these cool, and warm undertones.  Ruby Woo is a true bright red lipstick, which is why I love it.  It is a very matte, non drying lipstick.  My lips get really dry and it almost conceals my dry lips instead of accentuating them.  It lasts for ages, specially if you layer it on top of a red lip liner.  I usually pair all my red lipsticks with mac cherry lip liner.  This has been my favorite for a long time until I came across this next one.

2.Sephora cream lip stain in #01:

If you were to put on Ruby Woo and turn up the saturation a little bit, you would get this lip color.  It is more bright, more matte and more flattering on the lips.  It is also easier to apply because it has a watery consistency at first before it dries matte.  It also more affordable ($14 if I am remember correctly, Ruby Woo is just over $20).

3.Mac Russian Red (Matte lipstick)

This is a classic red.  It is deeper than Ruby Woo and it has some blue undertones to it.  It is also not as matte and not as bright.  It lasts a bit less than Ruby Woo and it is more creamy in consistency.


Ruby Woo, Russian Red



D U P E!

Maybelline matte lipstick in “Siren in Scarlet” is an exact dupe of mac Ruby Woo in color.  It is, however, creamier and more comfortable on the lips, which doesn’t make it last as long as the mac lipstick.  It also very comparable to Sephora’s lip cream.  I swatched it next to both of these lipsticks so you can easily compare them.  I believe this lipstick is less than $10.


Siren in Scarlet, Ruby Woo, Russian Red

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 I would be interested to know what are your favorite red lipsticks… let me know in the comments! xo

Ipsy February 2016


If you have never heard of IPSY, it is a monthly subscription service. For 10 USD/month, you get about 5 products and a cute makeup bag.  Some of the products are deluxe samples and some are full size.

Without further ado, let’s see what is in this month’s glam bag.

  1. MOR Candied Vanilla Hand & Body lotion: This is a very luxurious hand cream and it has a beautiful vanilla scent.  Unlike other hand creams, where my hands temporarily feel soft, this makes my hands remain soft and hydrated for a long time and the scent lingers on as well.  I also love the black and gold packaging.  This deluxe sample is 30 ml, but the full size (100 ml) products retails for 32 USD.
MOR candied Vanilla Hand and Body lotion


2. Luxe 221 Flat Definer Brush: This is another item I am obsessed with.  The brush is soft, dense, extremely precise and it feels really luxurious.  You can use it to define your brows or define your eyes.  This brush retails for 14 USD.

Luxe 221 flat definer brush


3. TRUST FUND Beauty Nail Polish:  This one is in the color I’m’ kind of a Big Deal.  It is a nail polish that is made without nasty chemicals and is not tested on animals.  It feels like a high end nail polish when you apply it.  It has a very rich and creamy formula that glides on effortlessly.  This products retails for 15 USD.

Trust Fund Beauty in “I’m Kind of a Big Deal”


4. Chella Passionate Pink Lip Pencil:  I would say this is my least favorite item in the bag this month.  It is a bright pink lip pencil but has a very sheer moisturizing formula.  I just tend to gravitate towards different colors and different formulas.  But nevertheless, this lip pencil is drenched in Vitamin E, C and sunflower oil which will keep your lips so soft and hydrated.  This product retails for 18 USD.

5. Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment:  I love the color of this pigment.  I received the color Sierra Nevada and it is described as a shimmering champagne nude but this is bronzy pigment with gold flex.  It’s pigmented, blendable and lasts a very long time.  I think it will make a beautiful bronzy smoky eye.  This pigment retails for 15 USD.


Overall, I really liked this month’s bag.  I paid 10 USD and received around $80 worth of products.  I can’t wait for next month’s bag!

Everyday Makeup

My desk/vanity

For this blog post, I thought it might be interesting to share with you my everyday makeup products – on those days when I feel like wearing a full face of makeup. To some this may seen excessive…or very minimal. Regardless, if you were to open my top drawer, where I keep my everyday makeup in, this is what you will see:

My Everyday Essentials


Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré: this is my favorite morning moisturizer, I feel like it does a great job moisturizing and priming at the same time.  It is also what a lot of makeup artists use on their clients.


Maybellibe Matte and Poreless Foundation: I think I can safely say that this is my favorite foundation.  It’s the only foundation that doesn’t break up around my nose or cling to dry patches but it doesn’t make me oily either.  It also has great coverage but still looks like skin. I use the shade #128.


Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer: this concealer will cover everything and anything. It is a little thick so you need to warm it up a little before you apply it.  Make sure to use very little because it can get very cakey very easily.


Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder: this is the most highly rated setting powder! And For good reasons. It’s very finely mild and photographs really well.


Benefit Hoola Bronzer: I like this one for contouring. It blends really well and has the perfect neutral color. Not too warm and not too cool.  I found that if I use a cool bronzer to contour, it can look dirty on me.  I used to use the Anastasia contour palette but it always looked so patchy throughout the day and didn’t last as long as I wanted it to.

Mac Give Me Sun: this is a very warm bronzer, it can almost look orange if you apply too much. But I love it because I have warm undertones and it makes me look like I’ve been out in the sun.



Becca Chanpagne Pop: it’s intense, it’s gold, it’s creamy, it’s beautiful.  I talked about this in a previous blog post where I share my top 5 highlighters so you can check that out!


Mac Warm Soul blush: it’s subtle but buildable. It adds a natural warm flush to the skin.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: I love the wand, love the formula… I will be repurchasing this mascara over and over.

Anastasia Brow Wiz: great brow pencil and lasts longer than other ones I have tried.  L’Oreal came out with a great one recently!

Makeup Forever Artist Shadows: you will never run out of these shadows. They’re much bigger than regular sized eyeshadows. They’re extremely pigmented and extremely blendable.


Mac glazed lipstick in Hue: it’s a sheer nude/pink creamy lipstick. I used up at least 5 of them in the past. I also have backups. If you are an NC20 or lighter, I think this will look great on you.


I will be very interested to know what products you ladies use on your day to day makeup.  Please comment and let me know 🙂

Nars Vevet Matte Skin Tint

I was debating whether or not to keep this foundation.  After trying it for a few times, I did not know how to make this work for me.  It always looked patchy and clung to dry patches I did not even know I have.  I read some reviews and a this seemed to be happening to other people as well.  I have tried applying it with several different brushes and honestly, I was disappointed.  The reason I did not apply it with a damp beauty blender in the first place was because I assumed it wouldn’t work for a “tinted moisturizer” type of foundation.  That it would soak up most of the product and would sheer down the coverage.  I was wrong…for some reason, this was the only way that made the foundation blend so nicely and sat much better on my skin.  So if any of you have an issue with how this foundation sat on the skin, try using a damp beauty blender.



Now let’s talk a little bit about the product.  This foundation claims to effortlessly perfect skin with a soft-matte finish.  It is oil-free.  it is suppose to maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier, while working to control shine throughout the day.  It is also suppose to blur imperfections, even the look of skin tone, and smooth the appearance of pores and fine lines.

I think this product lives  up to most of its claims.  I did get shiny wearing this foundation for about 5 hours…which didn’t bother me too much.  Oh, this foundation has an spf of 30, and has a light to medium coverage, as any tinted moisturizer.  It has a major flash back so if you are going to take pictures with flash, your face will look much whiter than the rest of your body – as you can tell in the third picture below.

In summary, this foundation is great for the summer when you want something light on the skin and that has a pretty good sun protection.  you might, however, need to blot out throughout the day.   It is also ideal for vacation since the packaging is so travel friendly and it is like wearing sunscreen and foundation in one.  I hope this information helps if you were considering purchasing this product!